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Behind the Site

Jules Dervaes is a man of principle who, not seeking fame or notoriety, could not keep silent about what he saw. At great cost to himself and his family, he spoke the truth--to unhearing ears.


TO SHOW that repeated WARNINGS to God’s Church, beginning in 1986 after Mr. Herbert Armstrong’s death, were ignored, by documenting the outright rejection of the messages;

TO WARN God’s people that the unique challenge of the Last Era is continuing to be met with the wrong solutions or none at all;

TO ANNOUNCE the true and only way we can be prepared for the establishment of the Kingdom of God and Christ’s Second Coming.

It is our desire that all scattered brethren of God’s Church will be UNITED in FAITH before Christ’s return, doing HIS work, preparing the way!  It is our hope that we will each heed Mr. Armstrong’s advice that we should work as if all depends on us and pray as if all depends on God.

We must never forget the history of the Worldwide Church of God.  We must own up to our past omissions.  Failure to do so will only mean that we will end up making the same mistakes, as our present circumstances clearly confirm.

Truth has consequences.  From this moment on your life can never be the same.  For, you can open your “door” to this “knock” and be set free; or, you can remain hidden behind it–believing you’re keeping yourself safe.

If you choose to keep the “door” closed, you stay barred within your nice, fortressed world–for now!  However, today, you no longer have the license to keep going your own way in ignorance.  And, when you are called to give the final ACCOUNTING, you will not be able to use the excuse that you didn’t know what was going on.  God will recount to you face to face that on this day you “heard the knock” that signaled the delivery of this life-saving message.