The Hidden YearsThe Hidden YearsThe Hidden Years


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March 4, 2008

  A brief chronicle of events of Jules Dervaes’ involvement with the Worldwide Church of God spanning the years 1974-1998.


DEC            Baptized in New Zealand by WCG minister John Larkin.


JUNE          Returned to Tampa, Florida; attended WCG Tampa congregation.


AUG            Entered Ambassador College, Pasadena.


SPRING       Began series of counseling sessions with ministers, ending August ’85.

AUG            Daughter Anais and live-in guest Dannielle enrolled in Imperial Schools for one year.


JAN             Founder Herbert W. Armstrong died.

FEB             Sent first letter to Mr. Tkach.

APR             Submitted General Letter to Ministry      of the Church’s own teachings to ministers.

MAY            Graduated from Ambassador College (AA) degree.

JUNE          First counseling session with ministers regarding letters to Mr. Tkach.

JULY           First mentioned Laodicean Era in letter.

OCT            Second counseling session regarding letters.  Mr. Dervaes disfellowshipped by Larry Salyer and Robin Webber.  (At no time did Mr. Dervaes or his wife discuss the Laodicean concern and other issues  with any lay person or minister outside the private counseling sessions.)

DEC            Sent the first scroll-A GOOD NEWS LETTER-to Mr. Tkach.  (Mr. Dervaes followed the correct procedure that Mr. Armstrong established for handling controversial issues.)

DEC            Received response from Larry Salyer to message.


JAN             Sent the first scroll to evangelists, ministers, and local elders in Pasadena and international offices.  Then distributed the scroll, placing it on members’ cars parked on public streets near the college.  Mr. Dervaes never set foot on church property to distribute literature.

FEB             Sent the second scroll-THE LAST ERA-to Mr. Tkach.  Followed the same distribution procedure.

MAR            Sent the third scroll-A TALE OF TWO FAMILIES-to Mr. Tkach; then followed the same distribution procedure to evangelists, ministers, etc.

APR             Sent the fourth scroll-ZECHARIAH’S PUZZLE-to Mr. Tkach. Followed distribution procedure again.

SEPT           Sent the fifth scroll-STABBED IN THE BACK-to Mr. Tkach.  Followed distribution procedure.

FOT             Sent the scrolls to various ministers and members nationwide and worldwide.

NOV            Sent the sixth scroll-THE REAL POPE-to Mr. Tkach.


JAN             Sent the seventh scroll-WHO MOVED?-to Mr. Tkach. During this whole time, there was no response from Mr. Tkach.

SPRING       By this date, the following had received the entire seven scrolls-LETTER TO LAODICEA:

Gerald Flurry

John Amos

Rod Meredith

Raymond McNair

David Hulme

plus hundreds of others

PASSOVER     Began hand-held banner showings on public sidewalk around Ambassador College

MAY            Last hand-held banner showing.  Began banner/sign showing on van parked on public streets around Ambassador College.

FALL           Sent out last of unsolicited mailings.

FALL           Advertised 1-800-LAST ERA number.



APR             Witnessed to Big Sandy, Texas, with signs and a newspaper ad in the Longview News-Journal and the Tyler Telegraph.

FALL           Divorce finalized between Jules Dervaes and Mignon Rubio.

DEC            Gerald Flurry founded Philadelphia Church of God and published MALACHI’S MESSAGE (February 1990).


SPRING       Ambassador College closed and was put up for sale.

SEPT           Wrote to Gerald Flurry about his book MALACHI’S MESSAGE after receiving it unsolicited.


FALL           Three and a half years (four Holy Seasons) of banner and sign showing ended.  Thousands of local, nationwide, and worldwide members were witnessed to, resulting in personal requests for the scrolls.



Rod Meredith founded Global Church of God.


MAR            Started Dervaes family business in Pasadena.

JUNE          Dervaes family wrote Mr. Tkach upon hearing he was seriously ill

AUG            Sent the VINEYARD LETTER to Mr. Tkach just before he died.  Also sent it to employees of the various splinter churches.


AUG            Wrote to Mr. Joseph Tkach, Jr.


JULY           Dervaes family compiled the true history of the Last Era of the WCG.  During the twelve years the family never attempted contact with any present or former members of the WCG to draw them away.

SEPT           Published and sent the history to employees (whose addresses were known) of the four churches, i.e.,

Worldwide Church of God

Philadelphia Church of God

Global Church of God

United Church of God   

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