The Hidden YearsThe Hidden YearsThe Hidden Years


Copyright © Jules Dervaes

September 21, 1998

This book documents:

That there was …

a church which was dying on the inside for years, at its headquarters … one which had fattened itself up, nonetheless, with plump payrolls … a Bible-based organization whose leadership had refused to look to the Bible for truth—had even stopped believing its own teachings—and whose employees were afraid to lose their jobs.

That, in this church, there was …

a man who reluctantly was propelled into uncharted waters … one who was not an insider and who refused to knuckle under to those who were … an individual who did not enlist the support of any church member outside his home in beginning the first worldwide work of warning as evidenced by his personal letters.

BUT, at that time, there was …

a public rejection of this truth delivered in accordance with God’s way. And, there was NO REVOLUTION as there should have been, as God hoped there would have been. Instead, such supreme truth was spurned because of its supreme “cost.” The price was too high to pay; the burden too heavy to bear. THIS truth brought a cross that was too much like Jesus’.

Much later on, however, crafty “leaders” would find a way around this cross, even designing a way to turn a profit from PARTS of the truth. By using deceived congregations for support (Oh! The sacrifice! … Ahh! Still the income!), a Christ-like sacrifice was sweetly avoided. For these there would be NO acceptance of LIFE-CHANGING truth until there were… JOBS MAGAZINES BUILDINGS A GROUP for get-togethers, potlucks, dances, sports. IN OTHER WORDS, UNTIL THERE WAS NO REAL LIFE-CHANGE AT ALL!

What a great sacrifice to endure! “Leaders” could even move up a rung on the ladder. A rich church had to move out of their mansions into cottages (a temporary deprivation it was hoped). A large group had to break into smaller ones (a real hardship if you wanted to field a sports team). Routines were disrupted in finding new places to sit (a nuisance to get used to different surroundings).

MOVING from one location to another IS NOT BEING HOMELESS! And, neither is leaving a large group of friends to join a smaller circle (ANY circle is still a circle!) the same as being AN OUTCAST!

The message now is:

Go on, you “leaders,” hold onto your power for a little while longer. Hold on until the world knows, and it will know for sure, how you PARASITES live off God’s sheep. And, you followers, when are you going to wake up? The Jews before Christ’s resurrection, what was their problem? Lack of faith. But, AFTER His resurrection—for nearly two thousand years, even through much horrific tribulation—what was, and continues to be, their problem? PRIDE! Do God’s New Testament people plan to hold out until Christ comes, too?

Can any sensible person deny: LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER ? If one can now see that the mother-church had in its very nature the tendency toward harlotry, then you its daughter-churches must look at yourselves as naturally following her example! What sin that the parent carries is not transferred to its offspring? Your “mother” had AIDS; why are you haughtily pretending that you, living on as “her daughters,” DO NOT?

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