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Letter to Mr. Tkach, Jr. from Jules Dervaes

Copyright © Jules Dervaes

August 26, 1996

Joseph Tkach, Jr.:

Betrayal begets betrayal; one coup only spawns others. It was your father who showed those who followed him how they, too—each in his own time, each for his own personal reasons—could turn from the appointed way.

In first providing the rationale and setting the premier example of breaking the covenant with Mr. Herbert Armstrong, he opened the barred gates for a free-for-all of “new churches.” The once powerful, previously unified—now ravaged—Worldwide Church of God continues to reap the sordid fruits of schism as sown by the hand of the late Joseph Tkach.

The tables have been turned, the robbers becoming now the robbed. And you, the “heir to the fortune,” can only sit by helplessly, victimized by a series of copycat crimes, sins your father had legitimized by his being his own authority. Then one year ago, he did answer to The Higher Authority as God took his life prematurely in order to get His Church back! Obviously, you would not want to recognize that God has passed OLD TESTAMENT JUDGMENT on your father’s reign.

And now you rule “supreme.” What will it take for you to return to God what has been usurped? Continued rebellion means you will need to…

WATCH YOURSELF! Despite your youth, you will have to stay ever guarded against surprise illnesses, mystery infections from which your new “savior”—The Medical Messiah—cannot save you.

WATCH YOUR FRIENDS! They are with you as long as you don’t stand in their way. Your buddy-buddy “leadership” has only led them to see you as expendable. Opportunistic insiders mean treachery is a-foot, at your back.

WATCH YOUR FINANCES! Economic turmoil will wreck havoc with your hold on power. As jobs go, so goes paycheck-loyalty, so comes more instability. More vultures will hover near, eager to strip the church carcass bare to the bone. Sitting atop this skeleton, you face a bankrupt future.

WATCH ELIJAH’S GOD! His clock has run down and your “good times” are over. He will soon act physically to intervene in your affairs; then, you will have to deal directly with THE REAL GOD!

Soon you will get even more proof this God has not ever been on your side. Whatever your father—now you—have done, God allowed for a purpose. Your way was allowed-but-not-approved in order to expose the phoniness inherent in your elite, “glorified” organization.

This has been accomplished. What you will see from now on is God working with others to implement His plan. And this will be done through His Holy Days—AS ALWAYS!

In particular, you will have first-hand evidence that the Feast of Trumpets is the feast that signals God’s rulership directly in our affairs. Your father had broken OLD TESTAMENT COMMANDS only to have that ’95 Feast “break him”—dying as he did “a day short” of the tenth since his takeover.

He ignored my August ’95 warning that the hand of God would be upon him in God’s time—”now“!

You (and every usurper) should heed, therefore, this direst of warnings:


Jules Dervaes

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